Thursday, April 26, 2007

That Javascript thing...

I have always tried to stay away from Javascript...

I used to write some code hesitantly, say to move data between two listboxes, re-calculating some stuff when values change etc. etc. But overall, I avoided it for the simple reason that it appeared a very weired language to me especially as I cam from strongly typed languages like C++ and Java.

Even simple things like DOM manipulation with getElementById() becomes a challenge with JS.

I know very little Javascript, but a few questions I searched for didnt yield many answers on web...

1. Why there is no standardized library for Javascript, as say there is for JSP custom tags (JSTL) or C++ standard template library?

2. Why IDE's dont have great support for Javascript? Why do I need to download a plugin like JSEclipse for JS editing in Eclipse?

3. Why javascript is not statically typed? Now dynamic typing might have some benefits, but the winner is clear now. Dynamic typing makes extremely difficult to provide auto completion for IDE's, Dynamic typing can't find out all bugs while coding etc. etc.

4. What is happening with Javascript 2.0? Are there any revolutionary changes? I dont have the patience to read through the proposal. :P

Any way, with a strong arrival of AJAX, I'll have learn javascript now...planning to get started... :)

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Cosmin Lehene said...

Don't know why but I get the feeling that a lot of stuff is going dynamic nowadays. So why making it static when all the big players like Sun and MS are looking towards integrating more dynamic languages in their platforms?

It's true that it is weird at the beginning but it pays. Think about how many design patterns got born just to overcome strong typed languages limitations.

Good luck with JavaScript and JSEclipse! ;)