Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Googleto ergo sum !!!

Google is getting all pervasive on web...not a news of course...but I had a strong realization about this when I created a small tool of custom search using Google tools...

1. Google offers a way to create your own custom search engine. ( You can basically customize what sites should be scanned for the search and some more parameters. I used this feature to create a custom search engine for Indian stock markets. It was frustrating sometimes to see results from all over the world when all you care about is really NSE listed stocks. Google's indian site also works, but includes a lot of indian sites I don't care about.

2. Then I used Google pages ( to create a small home page to host this search. Google pages has a HUGE collection of gadgets, right from news tickers to proxy sites. Not all of them work though. Overall I had a feeling that there is a lot of scope of improvement in Google pages interface. E.g. you cannot edit the overall structure of the page, but have restrict yourself to edit only sections as given by the template.

3. Once my page was online ( I entered small code snippets from Google AdSense ( to have some Ads on my page. Not sure if it will earn any money though. ;)

4. I put another small snippet from Google Analytics ( to get all the statistics about my site's clients with clean graphs et al. The facilities given by Google Analytics are really awesome, moreover all free of cost of course :).

5. And right now, I am conveying all of this in, which is again a Google acquired company of course. As Descartes once said, 'Cogito ergo sum' (I think, therefore I am), a netizen from 21st century (at least from first few years of it...) would certainly say...'Googleto ergo sum'...'I google, therefore I am' !

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